Private og delehelikopterflyvninger fra villaen for din fornøyelse og forretning er nå tilgjengelig for bestilling med en betydelig rabatt for våre gjester. Vi vil at gjestene våre skal se alt det vakre stedet vårt har og skapte helikopterturer. Nå kan alle se vakre bukter og bukter som landet vårt har.

Our success is based on a winning combination of highly experienced team of pilots together with a luxury fleet of helicopters, based in Thira and servicing the whole region. With our team you are safe &sound, have nothing to worry about or at least about photos taking. View here are breath-taking so don’t forget to take camera with you!

Have all the pleasant moments in the sky enjoying spectacular scenery of Santorini ancient villages and pristine nature from a bird’s eye view!

We assure you never so such a beauty and what’s great you can relax, travel and discover everything in one place. Your vacation will be astonishing and memorable.

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